Download Firmware Oppo Neo 3 R831K

370770 views – Untuk anda pengguna/pemilik Oppo Neo 3 R831K yang mengalami problem pada software disini kami akan menyediakan Firmware Oppo Neo 3 R831K, agar anda dapat menggunakan Oppo Neo 3 R831K anda kembali.

Review Frimware Oppo Neo 3 R831K

perangkat lunak Versi: N1mini_11_A.07_INT_140829_OTA_007_all
Tanggal Rilis/pembuatan firmware: 2014-10-06
Download di link Berikut: Firmware Oppo Neo 3 R831K
Berikut ini Tutorial Install Oppo: Tutorial Install Firmware Oppo

firmware oppo neo 3

Firmware Oppo neo 3 r831k


Pembaruan / install ulang perangkat lunak di Oppo Neo 3 R831K akan menghilangkan semua isi data yang ada di Oppo anda, jadi anda usahakan sebelum melakukan Pembaruan / install ulang Oppo anda mem-backup semua data yang ada di dalam Oppo Neo 3 R831K anda.
Karena Setelah anda melakukan Pembaruan perangkat lunak Pada Oppo Neo 3 R831K anda akan kembali seperti semula / seperti baru beli dari toko, apabila anda tidak mem-backup data yang ada di Oppo Neo 3 R831K anda siap-siap untuk kehilngan data yang ada di Neo 3 R831K anda.

Frimware Oppo Neo 3 OPPO Oppo Neo 3 R831K

By sharing knowledge as our profession today, that's what we share / publish here Especially for technician friends all over the country. we are technicians, we know much / least about mobile solution & we do not want to hoard own knowledge, because everything on earth belongs to Allah SWT alone, including science.  God is entitled to take all that we have, then from our belief, blessings will side with people who like to share knowledge & without him hide a bit. Learn any creative betuknya by using your own hands, although a little even less interesting results, will look better & weighted because it is absolute you create your own, then with a little & less interesting that will lead you to the perfect mindset pattern, with the perfection of the pattern think then you can create something extraordinary. Then create something extraordinary or beautiful that you can get from the perfect mindset to share.

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  1. author
    bondan3 years agoReply

    thanks infonya yang bermanfaat ini gan

  2. author
    Wiidoo3 years agoReply

    update your phone software: seittng about phone software update 2) install the updates right away after download completed 3) your phone will reboot === *you need a Samsung acc. to update, sign up if don’t have *important: plug your charger while rebooting, it takes time a bit *I’m not ‘Samsung Guy’ btw, had the same problem since yesterday, found this page an hour ago, tried method no.3, it works and my SG Wonder’s camera back to normal.. hope the same for yours 🙂

  3. author
    Beatriz3 years agoReply

    i think Nokia removed the nokia meinsgsag service for a devious reason.When i signed into the Nokia meinsgsag service It was made known that it was merely a trial version with possibility of payment after the trial is over.Maybe Nokia wants to use this to cancel their meinsgsag service. My question is why can’t it be free? Or left to the Networks like Blackberry meinsgsag!

  4. author
    Hendra Wijaya1 year agoReply

    Gan apakah oppo R831K tidak bisa hapus data & cache tidak bisa direboot bisa diflashing? bagaimana solusi repairnya,terima kasih.

  5. author
    arifan1 year agoReply

    berapa mb firmarwe nya bos

  6. author
    nicko11 months agoReply

    bang minta file/link frimware oppo 3 R831K

  7. author
    lukman11 months agoReply

    Siang mas firmarwe nya udh ke unduh mas tp setiap dibuka dr tengah2 sll putus tlg konfirmasix mas trims

    • author
      Desbie Official (Author)11 months agoReply

      coba pakai firmware yang via flashtool mas, silahkan di search

  8. author
    herlambang 19867 months agoReply

    om link ya koq ga bisa download

  9. author
    mutmainah3 months agoReply

    firmware nya daulat, bagaiman cara mengatasinya?

  10. author
    mutmainah3 months agoReply

    failed maksudnya

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